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GIS Public Safety & Emergency Management

A Special One Day Seminar  - Advancing data interoperability and information sharing across all emergency responders, in support of local, national and international emergency preparedness.

Public safety agencies across the globe are turning more and more to GIS as an essential technology for improved preparedness, incident response, and emergency reporting. First responders, including police, fire, health, national security and defence agencies, understand the value of GIS, its role in computer aided dispatch activities, and the value added element that GIS provides. These agencies must manage a vast array of situations that produce large amounts of information.

Ensuring effective interoperability and accurate information sharing across all stakeholders is essential, ensuring that it is ready to use in the most immediate and effective manner possible. if we are to meet the growing challenges ahead, we must continue to develop the most effective way to manage the vast amount of data generated every day by public safety agencies.

Recent times have seen some very effective GIS deployments supporting emergency preparedness, response and recovery over the last year. Hurricanes in the US, Tsunami in Japan and the recent, devastating typhoon in the Philippines have highlighted the critical importance of GIS applications.

GIS Public Safety & Emergency Management 2014 is the latest in a key series of events targeted at key decision makers and practitioners in the field of GIS. This special one day Seminar delivers only the most critical and timely case studies which demonstrate this ongoing challenge of ensuring effective information sharing and interoperability across public sector agencies.

Speakers will share their in-depth strategies with you, focused around but not limited to:-

  • Incident Response Management
  • Emergency Call Taking and Dispatch
  • Emergency / Disaster Management
  • Fire/Rescue and EMS
  • Homeland / National Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Natural Resources Emergency Management
  • Records Management


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Ryan Lanham, Conference Director

Corinium Global Intelligence


“The GIS Public Safety & Emergency Management conference is a venue for bringing together a wide range of actors, including technology providers as well as users. The practical angle on demonstrating real uses of GIS coupled with overall strategic discussions ensures a complete picture of the state-of-art , and thus constitutes an important resource for decision makers, policy developers, industry and information providers”.